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This topic covers the ODOP AutoSave feature and recovery of a design from AutoSave data.

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Power failure, system crash or loss of network connectivity prevent a Save operation and potentially incur loss of a user's work since the previous Save operation.

Separately, most browser users are conditioned to use the browser "Reload" a.k.a. "Refresh" button as a means to recovery from various operational difficulties and anomalies. Unfortunately, using the browser Reload function with a single page web app such as ODOP will likely incur a complete reset of the app potentially resulting in loss of work since the previous Save operation. Similarly, use of the browser "Back" function followed by "Forward" or use of the ODOP logo icon at the left of the menu & tab bar will result in reset of the app.

The on-line Help documentation pages are not subject to the same concerns about browser Reload, browser Back / Forward and the ODOP logo icon.

In order to at least partially address these issues, the ODOP software provides a basic AutoSave feature. AutoSave data is created and stored locally. While not technically a browser "cookie", AutoSave data utilizes a similar mechanism. Only one AutoSave design is available at any point in time.

ODOP features impacting AutoSave data

Recovering a design from AutoSave data

If AutoSave data exists at the time the app starts, a blue pop-up message will indicate that an AutoSave design is available and provide the opportunity to recover it. Selecting "Yes" will recover the AutoSave design. Selecting "No" will load the default design.

If the app is started directly from odop.springdesignsoftware.org without parameters as part of the URL, the default is Compression spring, US Customary units and Advanced View. If the app is started from SpringDesignSoftware.org, the default is the spring type, units and View that are selected there.

Using AutoSave in before / after comparisons

The AutoSave feature can provide a before / after comparison for Search, Seek and Trade. After completing a one of those operations, open a new browser tab (or window). Launch another instance of the app in that new tab (or window) by copy and paste of the address line (https://odop.springdesignsoftware.org) from the first tab (or window). Respond "Yes" to the prompt to recover AutoSave data in that tab (or window). This will display the state of the design before the Search, Seek or Trade operation. Switch between the two tabs (windows) to compare.


The AutoSave feature allows a browser refresh / reload or click on the ODOP logo to be used as an "undo" for the most recent Action : Search, Seek, Trade, Select Size or Select Catalog operation.

Restoring AutoSave data clears the data. An additional browser refresh / reload or press on the ODOP logo will replace the design recovered from AutoSave data with the default design.

The AutoSave feature is not intended to be used for long term storage of design information. Use File : Save, File : SaveAs or File : Export to save the design permanently.

Not all operations are recoverable by the current AutoSave implementation. Users should save or export frequently and use the browser Reload and Back functions only with the understanding that design changes applied since your last save or export may be lost. The AutoSave feature may assist in recovery but it is not guaranteed to capture all of the latest changes.

The AutoSave feature is not available when operating in "private browsing mode" (Chrome "Incognito", Edge "InPrivate", Firefox "Private Window", etc.).

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