Open Design Optimization Platform (ODOP) - Coil spring design app; mechanical springs; compression spring, extension spring, torsion spring

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User Accounts, Username, Sign-in, Sign-out

A user account is not required to operate most features of the software. If saving designs into the cloud-based (on-line) ODOP Design Library, it is necessary to establish a user account with associated unique username and password so as to keep those designs private.

You can sign up for a private account within the app. Launch the ODOP software from the SpringDesignSoftware.org home page, Getting Started page or any of the three spring type pages. To establish a free private account, push the "Sign-in" button to the left of the File menu and then use the "Sign up" (Self-Service Registration) feature at the lower right of the sign-in page. After responding to an activation email message, your account will be ready for immediate sign-in.

Alternatively, send a request to: Info@SpringDesignSoftware.org. You will receive a reply message (welcome letter) with instructions on how to complete creating your account. This alternative contains one step that is not automated, so expect a delay of hours to a day or so. The welcome letter includes instructions on how to establish a password and if desired, change it in the future.

Evaluators may sign-in with the username "public" and password "public". When operating in the public account, it is possible to save designs into the ODOP Design Library but keep in mind that all saved information will be completely public and modifiable. Designs saved in the public account do not have the same assurance of long-term storage as those saved in a private account. See Restrictions for long-term data storage policies.

Once you have established a username and password, launch the ODOP software and push the "Sign-in" button to the left of the File menu in order to get to the sign-in page.

The ODOP user account (username / password) feature is based on capabilities provided by Okta. Do not expect the ODOP:Spring app to appear on Okta's list of apps and do not be concerned about a "You don't have any apps." message on your personal Okta home page (used for adding apps, changing or recovering passwords, etc.).

An account username must be in the form of an email address. As noted in our Privacy Notice, your personal information will be secure and not abused. If you have any remaining concerns on this point, using an email account different than your primary email account is a reasonable approach.

Screen capture of the sign-in page:

screen

See Password reset for instructions on how to change a password or recover from a lost password after account creation is complete.

See Default Designs for information on how a private design can be used to personalize system provided default designs.

See Restrictions for long term data storage policies in both public and private accounts.

The File : Export menu item allows design data to be preserved in local storage. For details, see: Save, Save As, Import and Export.

Once signed in, your user session will remain active for as long as the browser window (tab) associated with the app exists and your Internet connection is maintained. Actually, the user session may persist for up to two hours after loss of Internet connection or closing a previous browser window or tab. In this situation, you may be able to open a new browser window (tab) and open a previously saved design without need to sign-in again. However, you should save frequently as once the browser window or tab is closed, any unsaved design in progress may be lost. For more information on this point, see: AutoSave.

Troubleshooting sign in issues

In order to sign out:

When invoked from the ODOP Sign-In, this page opens in a new browser tab. Switch tabs in order to return to that Sign-In page or simply close this tab.