Open Design Optimization Platform (ODOP) - Coil spring design app; mechanical springs; compression spring, extension spring, torsion spring

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Tutorial and Demo

The ODOP tutorial / demo feature is intended to to help new users get started quickly. Specially constructed tutorial and demonstration "sessions" provide multiple steps, where each step consists of a few paragraphs of text or embedded image positioned above the normal ODOP main page. The sessions provide input values and control of ODOP solution functions such that the software operates as though it was responding to user input. Thus, the user can step through the annotated design sessions at a desired pace simply by reading and clicking the "Next" button. While not technically a record / playback situation, the tutorial and demo feature can be thought of as playing back pre-recorded design sessions. In fact, the underlying software is always "live" and will respond to user input in addition to responding to input from the tutorial / demo session.

A "Back" button is provided so that the user can step to previous pages in order to re-read or refer to something that may have been missed on the first pass.

Tutorial sessions teach operation of the program. Use the Help : Tutorial... menu item to select the desired tutorial session.

Demo sessions illustrate problem solving techniques as well as provide sample solutions to several generally available reference book problems. Use the Help : Demo... menu item to select the desired demo session.

The tutorial and demo sessions need to start from a known state. So, if you have entered any work of value that is not yet saved, use the File : Save or File : Save As menu item to save your work before starting a session.

See: Spring design tutorial and demo for details on starting the spring design tutorial and demo sessions.


Topics covered in the various sections of the tutorial include:

Name   Description
tutorTour   Guided tour of the compression spring Advanced View using U.S. Customary units
guidedDesign Design workflow using compression spring example; optimization, standard wire size, select from catalog
tutor Variable names, change of Independent Variables; analysis concept, FIX of Dependent Variables, Search; equation inversion concept
tutor3 Constraints, constraint levels; synthesis concept
tutor4 Save, print description of a finished design
tutor5 Calculation Inputs, material properties, allowable stresses, end types
tutor6 Standard size table, catalog look-up
tutor7 Seek, minimize spring material; optimization concept, exploration of available solutions
tutor8 Trade, restructuring goals to find feasible solution
tutor9 Preferences (internal variables) and Properties (notes saved with design)


A sequence of solved demonstration problems is available (or planned) under the names demo through demo(n). Many of the demo sessions contain sample solutions to selected reference book problems where the ODOP:Spring results are compared to the reference book results in order to validate results from the program.

Demonstration examples available include:

Name Description  
demo Design Validation Introduction, simple design validation (design check) problem
demo NewDesign Design a compression spring from original specifications
demo1 Spring Mfgrs. Inst. Handbook compression spring example 1
demo2 Spring Mfgrs. Inst. Handbook compression spring example 2
demo3 major spring mfgr design handbook compression spring example
demo4 {still in development} compression spring example
demo5 Carlson, Spring Designer's Handbook compression spring problem 1
demo6 Spring Mfgrs. Inst. Handbook extension spring example 1
demo7 Spring Mfgrs. Inst. Handbook extension spring example 2
demo8 major spring mfgr design handbook extension spring example
demo9 Carlson, Spring Designer's Handbook extension spring problem 3
demo10 Carlson, Spring Designer's Handbook compression spring problem 6
demo11 * Carlson, Spring Designer's Handbook compression spring problem 8
demo12 * Carlson, Spring Designer's Handbook fatigue life comparison
demo13 * Factor of safety and cycle life illustration  
demo14 Spring Mfgrs. Inst. 1991 Handbook torsion spring example p.25
demo15 Carlson, Spring Designer's Handbook torsion spring problem 4

* planned