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Select Size and Select Catalog

This entry covers ODOP:Spring selection from tables of standard sizes and selection of similar entries in spring catalogs.

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Selecting a Standard Size in Advanced View or Calculator View

The Action : Select Size menu item searches a table for standard sizes nearest to the current value of the designated Independent Variable.

If the user selects a standard size from the table, that value will be established for the selected Independent Variable, which is then put in "FIXed" status. The user should then execute a Search to obtain corresponding values for the other Independent Variables.

The default standard size tables supplied with ODOP:Spring provide standard sizes for OD_Free and Wire_Dia. The material file allows for a separate table of standard wire diameters for each different material type.

Selecting a Standard Wire Size in Calculator View

When specifying a value for Wire_Dia, ODOP:Spring's Calculator View provides an opportunity to specify an arbitrary value or to specify an industry standard value associated with the currently selected Material_Type.

Input or edit of arbitrary values for Wire_Dia Input or edit of arbitrary values for Wire_Dia

Input or edit of industry standard values for Wire_Dia Input or edit of standard values for Wire_Dia

Selecting Entries From the Built-in Spring Catalogs

The Action : Select Catalog menu item searches a catalog for designs that are similar to the current design point. Catalog entries that are more than a factor of two different from any of the current independent variables are not considered. Catalog entries within the considered range are analyzed and ranked by objective function value. The four catalog entries with the lowest objective function values are presented to the designer for selection. If a catalog entry is selected by the user, the corresponding Independent Variable and Calculation Input values are imposed. The program returns to the main page so that performance of the design selected from the catalog may be evaluated in the context of the original constraints.

By ranking the catalog entries based on Objective Value, ODOP:Spring chooses from the catalog based on how well the stock spring designs meet the user's objectives (as expressed by Fixes and constraints) as opposed to simply choosing designs that are physically similar to the target design.

The default stock spring catalogs supplied with ODOP:Spring include:

The individual catalogs are:

Name   Description
generic_compression_catalog   compression spring catalog
MS24585_(SAE-AS24585)_c_stl   Military Standard, Compression, Steel
MS24585_(SAE-AS24585)_c_ss   Military Standard, Compression, Stainless Steel
generic_extension_catalog   extension spring catalog
MS24586_(SAE-AS24586)_e_stl   Military Standard, Extension, Steel
MS24586_(SAE-AS24586)_e_ss   Military Standard, Extension, Stainless Steel


Note that it may be desirable to save (File : Save, File : Save As or File : Export) the current design before selecting a new standard size or catalog item.

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