Open Design Optimization Platform (ODOP) - Coil spring design app; mechanical springs; compression spring, extension spring, torsion spring

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It is not necessary to install any software on your computer in order to run ODOP. In theory, the only requirement to operate the ODOP software is an Internet connection and a modern web browser. In practice, all web browsers, operating systems and hardware platforms are not equal. As the expression goes, "Your mileage may vary".

In order to keep designs saved into the cloud-based ODOP design library private, it is necessary to establish a user account with associated unique username and password. See: User Accounts

It is expected that most users doing serious design work will run the ODOP software on a desktop, laptop or tablet computer with a full size and relatively high resolution screen. The hardware environment "responsive" nature of the ODOP software allows it to function on many mobile devices. When operating on a small-screen mobile device like a smart phone, the various sections on the right of the Advanced View automatically move downward on the page. Thus, a mobile device user can scroll vertically to see all the content in a legible manner. Unfortunately, the necessary amount of scrolling may negatively impact productivity and general satisfaction with operation on small-screen hardware.

ODOP is developed using the current version of Google Chrome (using both MacOS and Windows 10) and is routinely tested using current versions of other browsers including the Chromium based version of the Microsoft Edge browser. Depending on screen size and resolution, Firefox users may find it desirable to adjust font size in order to optimize the on-screen presentation.

Microsoft Internet Explorer and the older EdgeHTML version of the Microsoft Edge browser are not supported for operation with ODOP.

The default configuration of some ad-blocker browser extensions may interfere with rendering of ODOP user interface graphic elements such as checkboxes. It may be necessary to adjust adjust the ad blocker configuration or temporarily disable it.

Offline operation is not currently supported.