Open Design Optimization Platform (ODOP) - Coil spring design app; mechanical springs; compression spring, extension spring, torsion spring

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Making changes to initialState.js

These steps apply to the situation where the database has already been initialized for the design type in question. Refer to other procedures articles for information on configuring new design types or installing new ODOP systems or initializing new databases.

  1. Make the desired changes to initialState.js
  2. Make a corresponding entry in migrate.js
  3. Click the "Use initialState" button (available in development environment only) when launching the program;

File : Save As on top of the "Startup" entry in the database 4. Dump SQL to create Startup from scratch if starting with an empty DB
- MySQL workbench should be able to export the table
    (need more detail on settings here)
- Save to master\data\designtypes\Spring\load.sql

Use of separate "development" and "production" databases should prevent any unintended consequences from incrementing the design model number in migrate.js. The concern is that without separate "development" and "production" databases, after over-writing the Startup database entry with development code, the release (Heroku) version of the system would see a future version of Startup and respond by using initialState.

When operating in the development environment, the View : Offsets menu item is enabled. Start with initialState and then use View : Offsets as a copy / paste source for the contents of offsets.js.