Open Design Optimization Platform (ODOP) - Coil spring design app; mechanical springs; compression spring, extension spring, torsion spring

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ODOP:Spring Screen Shots

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Thumbnail   Description
  ODOP:Spring Advanced View Compression, Extension & Torsion
  ODOP:Spring Calculator View Compression, Extension & Torsion
  Compression spring; U.S. customary units (inches, pounds).
  Extension spring; U.S. customary units (inches, pounds).
  Torsion spring; metric units (mm, Newtons).
  A built-in table of material properties is provided.
  Use the Select Size feature to choose a standard wire size from a built-in table. Each material has its own table of standard sizes.
  Reports summarize results in a spring-type specific format.
  Report 3 is formatted to support a request for quotation.
  Use the Select Catalog feature to choose the nearest entry from a built-in catalog of stock springs.
  The Demo feature provides solutions to several commonly available handbook problems.
  Seek does optimization. It can find the constrained extreme (max or min) of any problem variable.
  When faced with conflicting objectives, Trade provides guidance in relaxing constraints to find the design closest to the original objectives.
  Save designs to a private cloud-based Design Library. Alternatively, Export designs to local storage.